Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blogger Party in Taipei

Hosted by Bike Hugger & Textura Design.

From the hosts.....


We're tech & bike bloggers based in the US coming to Taiwan to cover the Intel Developer Forum and would like to meetup with Taipei bloggers on Sunday 10/19 for drinks and apps (we're buying).

Sunday October 19, 2008
7:00pm - 9:00pm
In House
No.90. Song Ren Rd, Taipei

For more details & info, visit


Muser said...

I am very interested at this party, but I am a Taiwaner & My English is not good enough. Could I?

Andres said...

hi muser, i believe this is open to everyone and anyone, so you are more than welcome to attend. and don't worry about your english. only way to improve is to practice, practice and practice some more, so don't be shy.

DL Byron said...

Hello this is Byron from Textura Design. Our hostess speaks Mandarin and can translate for you and us. Don't worry and please come.

Ja said...

I have been to Taipei too last March and cannot wait to go back again! I look forward to more of your post about Taiwan. HA, thanks for sharing!

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