Sunday, August 01, 2010

Featured Blog - "Josh in Taiwan"

Josh in Taiwan

Josh in Taiwan

"Being the animal of order that I am, I feel like I need to provide a good introduction to this blog, my expectations for it, and where I’ll be going in the future. This way, in the event that this blogging experiment succeeds, I’ll have a base to go from. If not, then… aw, hell, I’m a creature of order, OK? Bear with me.

I am a early-career, mid-twenty-something high school social studies teacher who has recently made the huge (or, as my family would privately tell you, frakkin’ crazy) decision to move to Taiwan. I graduated from an honors program at a midwestern state university which I like to quietly brag about, considering I sucked in high school. My main interests – while I’m being all narcissistic – include technology (I’m an Apple Zombie), politics, culture, and beer.

My decision to move to Taiwan stemmed from the interest in experiencing the culture of another country. Sure, my Taiwanese girlfriend having to move back didn’t hurt the situation. With that said, I will be posting many entries about my time and observations abroad (which starts in about two months), my education experiences, technology (and why Steve Jobs is God), (some) politics, and of course, stupid Internet memes that at least make me laugh. (That’s why the Internet was made, you know.)

Hopefully, this will be a good exercise in writing on my end that could mean great things. Of course, this call all go to hell with lower readership and a lack of time on my end. It’s all a crap shoot, really."

by Josh Fahler


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Thanks for the feature!


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I recommend Josh, he makes great photos :)

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